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Want to find out what football apparel and gear is worth your cash and what’s just junk? That’s why we’re here. You can read football gear reviews and get special deals on the best NFL Jackets, apparel and accessories. Look your best from the sidelines or the bleachers with the hottest football clothing on the market – at the lowest prices available.

Football Gear Reviews covers everything fromĀ mouth guardsĀ and flag football equipment to official NFL merchandise, sweat shirts, warm-up jackets and womens plus size football clothing. You can even check out sexy football lingerie and read product reviews on all kinds of womens NFL t-shirts and accessories.

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Women’s Plus Size Football Jersey Nightshirt

Here’s a fun piece of clothing for female football fans. While not exactly appropriate for wearing out to a game, these plus sized women’s nightshirts are playful and comfortable. Styled after a real football jersey, yet expanded and made of super soft material to be the best pajama top ever, these women’s football nightshirts are … Continue reading

NFL Logo Novelty Toaster

Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough football in your daily life? This novelty football toaster, known as the “Protoast”, is here to address this very issue by burning the official Balitmore Ravens team logo into every piece of toast you cook from now on. That’s right – you just pop in your favorite … Continue reading

The Best Mouthguards for Sports

A review of the best mouthguards for sports, shock doctor mouth guards, brain-pad mouthguards and more! Continue reading

Classic Wilson Football, Pump and Kickstand Review

As cheap footballs go, this is a good starter kit. You won’t be wowed by any high gloss finish or super fancy stitching, but it will get the job done and do it cheaply. This football, kickstand and pump bundle retails for only $13.99, so it’s a great set if you don’t have any of … Continue reading

Championship Edition Green Bay Packers Jackets

Can you say velvety smooth? These championship edition Green Bay Packers Jackets are officially licensed and hella nice. They’re made from cotton twill, so they’re not weather resistant by any means and they won’t stand up well to a long day in the elements by any stretch of the imagination. These are much more showy … Continue reading

Football Video Games

We’ve got everything from Madden to NFL Blitz – now at seriously marked down prices.

The Best NFL Jackets for the 2011 Football Season

With the weather starting to change and football fans all over the world feeling the wonderful change in the air, everyone knows there are two excellent things coming soon: Football season and official NFL jackets! The best NFL jackets this season are super warm, emblazoned with authentic league and team logos and ready to fly … Continue reading

The Search for the Elusive Player’s Sidelines Jackets

Today I set out to try to answer a question that seems to be bothering lots of other football fans on the web, specifically, what are those jackets worn by players on the sidelines? They seem thicker and made from higher quality material than those sidelines jackets we can buy in the stores or order … Continue reading

New England Patriots Official NFL Coat

Bold, red and blue, and constructed for years of heavy duty service, these official NFL jackets were made with true New England Patriots fans in mind. Featuring the red and blue set of the official New England Patriots, these jackets are nicely colored to highlight the intense and awesome blazing football theme that runs up … Continue reading

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